Collin Ritsema

Chief Operating Officer

Grand Rapids, MI

About Collin

Collin joined the Fortz team in 2016 with a strong background in the legal and political arena of Grand Rapids. He has single-handedly managed many operational inner workings of law firms and political campaigns. His drive to solve problems, provide stellar customer service and build the business from the ground up has made him a pioneer star to the growing needs of our clients and the Fortz business model. Welcome Collin!

Notable Consulting Experience

Harness Dickey, Raleigh, NC                                                                                                                 Nov. 2019

Western Plastics v. DuBose Strapping

Claim: Patent Infringement        

Representing: Plaintiff

References: Glenn Forbis, Brad Luchsinger


Collin was the in-court trial consultant in Raleigh. He worked with the trial team to create compelling PowerPoints for opening and closing statements, compiling impeachment video clips of witnesses, and displaying exhibits and video to the judge and jury.


Clark Hill PLC, Grand Haven, MI                                                                                                           Oct. 2019

Fluxis Marketing v. Volta Power Systems

Claim: Breach of Contract, Unjust Enrichment

Representing: Defendant

References: Jeffrey Dornbos


Collin was the in-court trial consultant working with the trial team. Together they created PowerPoints for opening and closing statements, demonstratives, and Collin displayed electronic exhibits to the jury. Click here to read an article about this case!

Howard & Howard, Paris, France                                                                                                        Aug. 2019

Tetronics v. BlueOak Arkansas

Claim: Breach of Contract

Representing: Plaintiff

References: Michael Sheehan, Mary Dirkes, John Logan, Michelle Wezner


Collin assisted in this arbitration for the International Chamber of Commerce. He was the on-site trial consultant in Paris, France, working with the trial team to create opening and closing PowerPoints, presenting electronic exhibits during the arbitration, and facilitating remote witness testimony.


McShane & Bowie, P.L.C., Marquette, MI                                                                                          Oct. 2018

Connie Lynn McCauley, et al. v. Peter E. O’Dovero, et al.

Claim: Trust Dispute

Representing: Defendant

References: James Bruinsma, Jennifer Brougham


Collin was the in-court trial consultant for this case. He presented electronic exhibits and worked with the trial team to prepare for a week-long trial.